Naturally Inspired: A Utah-based florist evokes nature's beauty through her business

Published May 2014 in Entertain, Decorate, Celebrate magazine 

Growing up at the base of the Rocky Mountains surrounded by wild foliage, floral designer Sarah Winward developed a deep appreciation for nature at an early age. It wasn't until traveling abroad in the Middle East, however, that her passion for flowers solidified and she decided to launch her business, Honey of a Thousand Flowers

"While we were in Morocco, we visited with a beekeeper who makes all different kinds of honey," Sarah says. "He told us about the honey he harvested from orange blossoms, thyme, cactus blossoms — whatever was in season." 

When the keeper asked Sarah what kind of honey was harvested in Utah, she tried to explain, in broken dialect, that their honey came from multiple types of flowers. 

"The keeper then said in Arabic, 'that means honey of a thousand flowers,'" she says. 

Instantly struck by the unique phrase, Sarah took her side business of arranging flowers for friends to a new level and decided to officially begin Honey of a Thousand Flowers.

Today, she travels throughout the states to incorporate her love of nature into life's most precious events. Creating one-of-a-kind arrangements, Sarah mixes nature's organic beauty with her personal style. 

(Q & A portion, and 'floral how-to' included in magazine) 

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