Pizza Hot Spots

From traditional New York pizza to pizza served from a truck, these restaurants test the limits of the traditional cheese pizza with their innovative toppings and fun locations. 

1. Del Poplo (San Fransisco, California) 

Jon Darsky created a restaurant on wheels when he repurposed a 20-foot shipping container to serve up authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas. Today, Del Popolo houses an impressive wood-burning oven, weigh- ing in at a whopping 5,000 pounds. This monstrous truck travels throughout the San Francisco area serv- ing delicious pizza pies. We recommend ordering the Potato, which features fresh mozzarella, French fingerling potatoes, and rosemary. Schedule at

2. Garage Bar (Louisville, Kentucky) 

Housed in a former auto service garage in the vibrant East Market district of downtown Louisville, Garage Bar is a tucked-away treasure known for its savory wood-fired pizzas. Chef Michael Paley puts
a Southern spin on his pies by using fresh, local ingredients. Top your pizza with shaved country ham, house-made pepperoni, and a farm-fresh egg to get a true taste of this Kentucky pizzeria. 700 E. Market Street.

3. We, The Pizza (Washington D.C.) 

Located on Pennsylvania Avenue, We, The Pizza is known for serving gourmet slices featuring an array of specialty ingredients. A family-owned restaurant, it has garnered national recognition for thick-crust pies topped with unconventional ingredients such as pulled pork barbecue and spicy chicken wings. If you ever find yourself on Capitol Hill with a craving for Italian cuisine, venture over to the pizzeria and order the Fresh Buffalo Mozz & Roasted Tomato Pie. 305 Pennsylvania Avenue SE.

4. Pizza By Elizabeths (Greenville, Delaware) 

Ornate frescos of past and present Elizabeths line the pistachio- colored walls of this Delaware pizzeria. Drawing inspiration from old-Hollywood elegance and European royalty, Pizza by Elizabeths evokes a dining experience fit for a movie star or a queen. Enjoy a glass of vintage wine paired with any of their delicious pies, all named after famous Elizabeths. 3801 Kennett Pike.

5. Buddy's Pizza (Detroit, Michigan) 


Buddy’s Pizza is the home of the original Sicilian-style square pizza and has been a Motor City favorite for more than 67 years. Originally operating as a speakeasy during Prohibition, Buddy’s rose to stardom in the mid-1940s, when it began serving its thick-crust square pizza. Today, it carries on the legacy by capturing the hearts and taste buds of Detroiters and travelers alike. Stop by Buddy’s and order the classic cheese pizza with a side of minestrone. 17125 Conant Street.

6. Matthew's Pizza (Baltimore, Maryland) 

Most pizzerias wouldn’t dare top their pies with a crustacean, but Matthew’s Pizza does—and it’s delicious. A Baltimore favorite, Matthew’s Pizza offers an authentic menu that reflects its coastal locale.To get a true taste of this seaside restaurant, order the Crab Pie, topped with 100-percent black fin crabmeat and a blend of hand-grated mozzarella and imported Reggianito cheeses. 3131 Eastern Avenue.

7. Deano's Pizza (Dublin, Georgia) 

In a city of Southern cuisine, Deano’s provides a taste of Italy. Located in a renovated movie theater in downtown Dublin, Deano’s boasts a beautiful space perfect for a date night or family outing. You can’t go wrong with a large Margherita pizza cooked in the Italian brick oven. And in true Southern fashion, Deano’s offers a side of shrimp and grits. 110 W Jackson Street.

8. Fat Lorenzo's (Minneapolis, Minnesota) 

Located across the southern shore of Lake Nokomis, Fat Lorenzo’s offers an eclectic dining experience filled with Italian flavor. Bright murals painted by local artists line the walls, giving the pizzeria an authentic feel. When ordering at Lorenzo’s, stick with the classic Fat’s Pizza—a cheesy pie topped with Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and olives. 5600 Cedar Avenue S.

9. Roberta's (Brooklyn, New York) 

Masked behind cement walls in downtown Brooklyn is Roberta’s—a mecca for delicious New York pizza. Step through its small door, and you will most likely find tables packed with eager customers waiting for their large pies topped with fresh, locally grown ingredients. Roberta’s is also known for hosting live music on any given night of the week. Order The Slammer, topped with Paesanella cheese, speck, collard greens, and tomato. 261 Moore Street.

10. Gino's East (Chicago, Illinois) 

You can’t visit Chicago without enjoying a taste of the city’s signature deep-dish pizza, and Gino’s East is the perfect place to do that. It all began in 1966, when two taxi drivers and a friend decided to open a pizzeria in downtown Chicago. Today, Gino’s has become legendary with locals and celebrities alike. They say the secret is in the golden crust and fresh vine-ripened tomatoes. 633 N Wells Street.

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