Southern Spotlight: Kendra Scott

Blending bold colors with refined designs, Kendra Scott plans to dazzle the South— then the world—with her signature jewelry.

Published November 2014 in Southern Lady magazine

Opening a drawer of jewelry at a Kendra Scott store is like uncovering a rainbow of sophisticated color. With radiant hues of fuchsia jade, ivory pearl, and emerald, you’ll feel as if you landed in the magnificent Oz. But instead of a yellow brick road, there is a pathway of statement necklaces, drop ear- rings, and bangle bracelets.

Kendra’s love for innovative design is nothing new. Learning from her aunt, who was extensively involved in the fashion industry, Kendra studied trends at a young age and began dreaming of owning a business one day. “I remember my aunt coming back from fashion runways and teaching me all about couture shows,” recalls the Austin, Texas, native. “I discovered pretty quickly that this is the world I belonged in.” As her passion for fashion grew, so did her dream of launching a jewelry line. And in 2002, the budding designer debuted her first collection, which was welcomed with rave reviews. “I decided to go big, and I haven’t looked back since!” Kendra says.

Characterized by bright colors and glamorous metallic silhouettes, Kendra Scott Jewelry channels a bold yet elegant look. Dainty pendant necklaces and stud earrings become large statement pieces on their own with show-stopping color and eye-catching shimmer. It’s no wonder Kendra’s unique style is catching on. “The brand is known for our kaleidoscope of quality jewelry infusing vibrant, hand-cut stones with intricately etched detailing,” Kendra explains. From classic feminine to savvy trendsetter, this brand suits a multitude of women, and each season inspires a new line of jewelry. A few signature pieces, like the Harlow Statement Necklace, remain on store shelves all year.

And while offering exceptional jewelry is at the core of Kendra’s mission, this designer makes a point to give back whenever possible. Select collections donate 20 percent of proceeds specifically to national and local charities benefitting women and children’s causes. “We truly believe that giving back to the community in a meaningful way is the greatest definition of success,” Kendra says on her website.

As for what lies ahead, this Southern designer has no plans to slow down. With 17 stores throughout the Southeast and intentions to take the brand overseas, “somewhere over the rainbow” is somewhere close in Kendra’s future. “I have had a love for this industry from a very young age,” Kendra admits. "And to me, being a fashion designer is like living out my fairytale every day." 

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